The Photoshoot:

One of the greatest parts of my versatility is my ability to do an amazing Photoshoot……

Let’s begin.

Getting ready for a photoshoot. Speak to your client. What are they looking for in their photos? If it is a commercial shoot, how do they want the product shown. Interview them to get a better understanding of them. Make the client comfortable. 

If it is possible, take your time. Don’t rush it. As you are looking through that view finder, make sure your client looks right. Check what they are wearing. Make sure that their buttons are done right, their hair looks good, their makeup is right. So many factors.

I like talking with my client. It gets them to relax and you can see their personality. Get them to laugh and make it natural. I don’t like to really pose the client. The photo can come out too stiff. Behind every great photograph there is a story.

When doing a location shoot, before you start shooting, look at your surroundings. Let the location speak to you. Figure out where the best place or scenario to photograph your client and give them what they want. Lighting is the key. Make sure you have proper lighting. Lighting can be used to help tell the story.


The client is the star for the day.  I am just the facilitator.  


This is Clare Coco signing off. Happy photos to you!